Carpets in New Zealand

Carpet has gone a very long way in history. It has been used since around 2nd or 3rd millennium BC in West Asia. There were findings of carpet made from sheared wool. Among the oldest carpet in the world, the earliest surviving carpet is the "Pazyryk carpet" which dates from the 5th - 4th century BC. This richly colored carpet is 200 x 193 cm and framed by a border of griffins. The term "carpet" itself comes from Old Italian carpita meaning to pluck. In its development, carpet is often related with "rugs". Some believe that carpets are stretched from wall to wall, while rugs are meant to call those with lower quality or smaller size.

In the market, there are many types of carpet; usually classified by how it is made. Among others there are woven, needlefelt, knotted and tufted. Each type has its own characteristics that cannot be compared to others. For example is woven carpet that is produced similar to woven fabric. Woven carpets are usually the most expensive carpet of all due to its slow speed of manufacturing process. Many producers in India, Pakistan, and Arabia offer this kind of carpet. After that, there is also knotted pile carpet. It was very popular in the 1970s, with Kashmir as one of its best producers. Apart from that, there are also other types of carpet in the market that you can buy.

Buying a good carpet for your home, sometimes, is not as easy as it seems to be. You will need to measure everything; right from its design, size, texture, until its overall impression towards the room. There are many types of carpet available in the market every day. If you do not know what kind of carpet you would like to buy, a wrong buy can just possibly happen. For that matter, since a good collaboration between buyer and seller is highly needed, you will need a suitable carpet store for you. To ensure that you are in the right store, you can always ask a few questions to the owner. You can start with finding out how long has the store in business. The older it is, the more well established the store is. Besides that, you can also ask for what is included in the price and furthermore, if possible you may ask for other references/collections possessed by the store.

Instead of checking the stores one by one, we have compiled a list of well recommended carpet store all over New Zealand. From the tip of the north until the toe of the south, the largest carpet store you can find all over the country perhaps is Flooring Xtra. The store can be accessed in In total, there are 50 stores that are ready to assist you in finding the best carpet for your needs. Carpets provided by the company are 100% wool Triexta (corn based) with fiber solution dyed nylon. There are vast range of types that can be chosen, all in modern touch. Do not worry, because it will fit your modern lifestyle just fine. Besides carpets, Flooring Xtra also provides hard floorings, ceramic and cork tiles, vinyl, and garage carpets.

You may also want to take a look at Carpet Court. The company has started the business since 1960. When looking for a well established carpet store, Carpet Court can surely make it on the list. It is the home to the legendary SmartStrand 'rhino' carpet, as well as hundreds of other exclusive and innovative brands from New Zealand and around the world. Carpet experts in Carpet Court will be pleased to help you in finding the best carpet for you. Even in the website, there is a Getting Started section where you can find examples and inspiration in order to find your desired carpets.

If you are in Auckland area, there is a famous carpet store by the name of Carpet Country. It is an Auckland based New Zealand Company who holds a large stock of carpet roll stock. With staff experience of more than 50 years in the industry, the company is well trusted in installing carpets. Once you have decided on a particular design or color of carpet, you will be assisted by Carpet Country's room planner to bring you the best impression in carpets.

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