Mattress in New Zealand

Sleeping is known as one of human's basic needs. By doing so, our body recharges energy and keeps it in a well maintained condition. Just like hunger and bladder needs, sleeping as crucial as those two. Lacks of sleeping can cause drowsiness, headache, and lethargy. It can lead to death if you do not have enough sleep in a very long time. Sleep disorder by the name of "insomnia" is often suffered by many people. It refers to inability to sleep, especially during the night. Inability to make a comfort condition to rest is probably one of the reasons, besides anxiety and high caffeine level in the body. Speaking about a comfortable condition to rest and relax, a good mattress is needed. It does not have to be luxurious and expensive, since merely a simple mattress can provide the service well.

Having a good mattress is often seen as something unimportant. In fact, the quality of your sleep highly depends on your mattress' quality. Of course, you cannot rest well without a nice yet comfortable bed, right? Because it affects your health in the long run, you should be very picky before deciding to buy. In a country like New Zealand, it is common to order by online stores. You can always scroll down the internet to find the latest mattress style and types. Keep in mind that comfort is your first priority, so just skip models that only offer exquisite looks. If you have health issues, it is better to find out what your doctor says before buying. Since a mattress can be used for a very long time, a small research needs to be conducted to find the mattress you desire. It has to do with comfort guarantees, money-back guarantees, and a warranty. Usually, a common mattress has up to 10 year warranty; so perhaps you need to skip a mattress which does not cover such. Alternatively, if you have enough time, going to a real furniture or mattress store would be the best move. You can check every detail of each item, as it help you to make sure that you have found your desired mattress. Hence, it is also important to not ignoring what your partner says if you do not sleep alone.

It is not a secret that you need to find an appropriate mattress based on its size. If you live alone, perhaps you do not really need an extra large mattress; as a small bed would not fit well for three persons. Mattresses sold in New Zealand market are available in various sizes. There are up to nine different bed sizes available in the country. The smallest would be Single (91 cm x 188 cm); and there are other sizes respectively from the smallest to the largest: Long Single (91 cm x 203 cm), King Single (107 cm x 203 cm), Double (137 cm x 188 cm), Long Double (137 cm x 203 cm), Queen (153 cm x 203 cm), King (167 cm x 203 cm), Super King (183 cm x 203 cm), and Californian King (203 cm x 203 cm). The sizing chart may vary from one region to another. Standard North American size for California King mattress is 183 cm x 213 cm, smaller than in New Zealand. Different brands usually provides different size charts, so be careful before deciding to buy.

There are three common types of mattresses in New Zealand: innerspring, air mattress, and foam mattress. The most popular mattress would be innerspring, or commonly called as a spring bed. It has coils inside of it, giving a bouncy sensation when being used. Meanwhile, air mattress does not require such coils to bring comfort. The model usually uses one or more air chambers to provide support. A simple polyethylene bag is commonly used to construct the bed, with multiple chambers of latex or vinyl inside of it. Air mattress can be folded so that you can bring it anywhere you like. Many people also uses this kind of mattress for medical purposes. Besides those two types, foam mattress is commonly used by people in New Zealand. It is cheaper, but is able to bring decent comfort. Nowadays, there is an improvement in foam mattress by the name of memory foam. It refers to comfortable visco-elastic foam over former polyurethane base foam. The manufacturers claim that this mattress can soften and conform in response to body temperature and body weight, setting a new standard in sleeping.

After all, it goes back to you when deciding the perfect mattress for your sleep. Keep in mind that sleeping is sacred and extremely important especially for your health, so you will need a very nice bed to support your comfort.

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